Monday, August 9, 2010

The Plan

If you're like me than you've tried every diet in the book, you've thought long and hard about your goals and started countless journals trying to pursue them, and the diet is always starting tomorrow. The superficial benefits of weight-loss I am ashamed to say used to be my soul motivation. That is why I believe this time to be different. I never thought of myself as very overweight and it wasn't until a recent doctor's visit that I found out that my weight plus family history put me in a likely percentile to develop diabetes. I'm still in school and now have a new outlook on health and nutrition. So here's the plan: I will start eating healthily, exercising regularly and be an all out healthier person :)

I read multiple places that if you write dow your goals and how you wish to achieve them you are x times more likely to follow through. With that in mind I've thought of my top 5 goals.
1. Tone muscles (As I currently have very little muscle)
2. Lose 20-30 lbs
3. Build up stamina
4. Eat healthily

I've also read in the countless diet books that I've read that those who keep a journal of there efforts and achievements are more likely to be successful in there goals. I've decided that my journal will be this blog. I will document my journey and share tips and tricks that I learn along the way.